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comment IIS 7 - Static Resource Or HttpHandler
Excellent, thanks! I was able to confirm by removing the MIME type for .css files, which caused the website to return an HTTP 404.3 error instead of opening the file in notepad. Good to know how that works:)
comment Cannot Receive Email - Troubleshoot DNS
Thanks Avery, I appreciate your detailed response. Mind if I ask what you mean when you write "If it is a real sub-domain, you're going to have issues with your setup."? I've configured an A record for, which points to the same server as Is this a bad idea? Also, I'm going to look into the issue with not specifying a name server, and also creating a PTR record. That's a great idea, and I'm sure I haven't done it...
comment Cannot Receive Email - Troubleshoot DNS
When I tried going to and entering, I just got a page stating "No match for domain". I'm not really sure why this is. is registered via GoDaddy. I tried to configure an mx record for, and A records for and which both point to the same IP address. As for, are those tools for free? I hoping for a simple solution using built-in Windows commands or something else. I'm not sure why 3rd party software should be required...