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I'm a freelancer specializing in many technologies. My favorite is Ruby on Rails and I am working to become an expert with it.

comment Use nginx reverse proxy for redirection
In your answer, you added the X-Host directive, not proxy_redirect off. Is that what you meant to do?
comment nginx passing back custom header
I'm not sure why it didn't work for @Mike but it did work for me. I am using X-Forwarded-Proto with $http_x_forwarded_proto.
comment Delete recursive directories with FTP command on Bash
This works, and I'm not aware of a better option, but be advised that this is slow as it deletes each file one by one! My plan was to delete a directory and its contents on a live webserver, and then replace them, but this method is slow enough to render it ineffective for my situation.
comment What's wrong with my postfix setup routing through Amazon/SES? (smtp_sender_dependent_authentication)
Thank you for writing the "user":pass in that format. It helped me realize that I should not be using my user, but instead the key.