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Current specialty is real time financial market data with sub microsecond latency

Protocols: UDP, TCP, UDP Mutlicast, FIX, FIX/FAST

Specialist in: US Treasury/Fixed Income related trading systems include: ICAP, BrokerTec, ESpeed, Govex, ELX, Cantor, BGC.

Languages: C++ (15 years), STL (9 years), SQL (12 years), C (18 years), PHP (12 years)

Databases: MySql (12 years), C-ISAM (3 years), D-ISAM (1 year)

Web Related: HTML (12 years), Apache (12 years)

OS: Unix’s (13 Years), VMS (11 years), Window/Dos (18 years), Linux (12 years)

Been programing with real computers since I was 16 - been paid for it since I was 18

Worked on VAX, RS600m Intel, Sparx, Ultrix and all sorts of in between

comment MySQL broke; how can I save some of the tables?
I think the answer to that is obvious
comment What is wrong with my iptables rules for port 80?
Vote to move - not a programming question
comment Mounting a file system over the internet
Is security an issue for these files?
comment Issue Starting MySQL Daemon
Are you starting as root? But voting to move - not a programming question
comment Iproute2 tools vs conntrack tools
Shame really since this router has a full blown OS on it - but I guess windows sizes, keepalives etc is really more relevant at the endpoints - would be nice to it all at the gateway though.
comment Iproute2 tools vs conntrack tools
Makes sense - is there another tool like ss that will show things like windows sizes etc of established sockets that do not have their endpoints on the box?
comment Equivalent linux command of “net start” command in windows
@Andrew totally - can you remember/know some distro's that still use the /etc/rc.d style and I'll list them and I will add them to my answer with accreditation.