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comment AWS Storage Gateway without the “on-premises” part?
I had forgotten about this question. Looks like you answered most of it. Thanks!
comment Tunnel an SSH connection transparently (no ProxyCommand)
Thanks for your answer! However, those two solutions won't pass the user's private key along, and so he won't get authenticated on server2. ProxyCommand apparently passes on the private key.
comment Use monit to monitor apache2 subprocesses
Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. I'm going to post the exact solution I used below, in case it helps anyone else.
comment Forwarding requests in Apache if necessary based on subdomain
Thanks. The trouble with an HTTP redirect is that the redirect needs to be transparent. That is, a request for shouldn't simply redirect to or The URL needs to be the same no matter what server I hit. That's why I was thinking a reverse proxy in Apache would be the only way to do this.
comment Forwarding requests in Apache if necessary based on subdomain
Christopher, @Khaled: That's true, and a possible alternative to our current idea of using GeoIP DNS. However, even in that case, there could still be requests that end up at the wrong server when an account is first created, or when it is moved from one server to another. For various reasons, we don't want to set a really low TTL. (updating question with this info)
comment URL-based request rate limiting in Apache
Thanks for the suggestions, @Ladadadada. I had found the bandwidth limiting modules, but I really need request limiting. Also, I am hosting a number of services (Subversion, Rails app, etc), and rate limiting needs to happen across them, so I would need the limiting to be both high-performance and application agnostic. Otherwise your throttle.php idea would work. Ill update my question. I'm thinking that "You can't do this" might be the correct answer, but let's see if anyone else has any suggestions.