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Hi, I’m Jacob (I go by jacobwg on the internet), and I am a Christian, student, and web developer, with an interest in web usability and web applications.

I discovered my interest in computers at the young age of two (1994). We have a family video of me at two trying to tell my dad that holding the mouse upside-down and rolling the trackball was the best way to use the device.

Fast-forward to age ten. I was experimenting with writing a modem-to-modem chat program with Visual Basic when my dad (an excellent software engineer) took it upon himself to tutor me in computer programming. I loved it, and have been coding as a full-time hobby, with a lot of part-time work thrown in, since that time.

I love the web. Ruby, Rails, and Mac are awesome. WordPress is pretty cool too.

If you think we might make a good team, let me know - I would love to hear from you. If it involves helping people and solving problems, I’m interested.

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