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comment MySQL 5.1 or 5.5?
This is no longer true.
comment Dell Open Manage - Finding Information
Thanks, I had a look and I cannot see the Diagnostics tab you mention. I'm running newer versions of software and firmware (6.1.0 and 5B2D respectively) so I'm guessing that will be the reason. It doesn't sound like something they would remove so with a little more digging I might get somewhere.
comment Connecting remotely to an Sql server inside a LAN
I think you asked this same question yesterday here? Anyway, please post the connection string as that is what the error you are getting is complaining about.
comment Dell Open Manage - Finding Information
You can see the information i'm looking for in this screen here flickr.com/photos/marshalljones/3683585968 - The media errors and other errors is the info I want, but without having to reboot and enter the PERC management screens.
comment Dell Open Manage - Finding Information
I've looked into these screens before, they have a bunch of info (Speed, capacity, failure predicted etc) but no mention of the number of bad blocks. Screen shot - flickr.com/photos/marshalljones/3652807751 - is this the screen you mean? Thanks for the help!
comment Remote linux installation
do you have access to the bios settings? it might pay to try and do a PXE install as if you mess up any of the above settings and hose the OS you are not going to be able to access it.
comment Seagate Cheetah Size
great answer (unfortunately). if i could choose two answers i would. the leaving some space at the end of the array won me tho.