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Software engineer, passionate about IT

I'm a software engineer. My job is about software development with Microsoft .Net technology: VB.Net, C#, WindowsForm, ASP.NET, SQL Server, LLBLGen Pro (ORM), Infragistics, ComponentOne...

My favorite dev tools are Visual Studio 2010 & .Net Reflector (plus my 6Gb collection of free utilities :-))

Information technology is also my hobby. I spend most of my spare time working on my computer. I'm interested about computer hardware, system administration, networking, free software, science, artificial intelligence, photography.

During the week end I like to go around with my digital SLR camera and take pictures of interesting subjects :-)

comment Differential backup missing moved folders (flawed archive attribute logic)
thanks for the answer
comment How to make differential backup without using archive attribute?
@fuero I'm looking for a free solution, so this is not a "shopping" recommendation... Actually I don't want to spend a dime :-) Anyway, tanks for pointing out that this kind of question is forbidden (sorry, I didn't know about that), I'll try to ask it in a different way that doesn't resemble a shopping recommendation. The fact, IMHO, is that a certain kind of backup logic is flawed, and I need a fix for this flaw. (I hope I can ask for this.... if I write the question in the right way)
comment How to make differential backup without using archive attribute?
Thanks for the suggestion, it's also easy to set the archive attribute with a simple batch command like "attrib +a C:\MyPath\MyMovedFolder*.* /S" (it's easier than powershell.... :-) The fact is that I've just discovered this issue after I moved a lot of folder for "data re-structure" process, and then found a lot of missing files in the backup folder... :-| Luckly I didn't lost anything... but I've used this backup exactly 4 days ago, and this king of issue would have been a big problem in case I needed the backup after I moved my folder around...
comment How to make differential backup without using archive attribute?
I'll give it a try, thanks for the suggestion
comment Why VM snapshots are affecting performance?
After reading this article linked by Aaron Copley (kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/…) it seem worse than that. A Snapshot is not a differential image, it's a change log, so if you write the same data on the same place 10 times, the snapshot will increase it's size by 10 multiplied the size of data you wrote. Instead a differential image should be more efficient because it should overwrite the data rewritten at the same location.