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comment Moving site to another server - inconsistent results between browsers on same computer
Are you using a proxy at all?
comment Collectd and graphite imports data every 5 minutes, rather than 1 minute
I'm not sure about the collectd, it's possible it's doing some summing or averaging before sending. One thing to remember though, is it's not peaking at 60Megs/sec those counters are the number of bytes / minute. So it's 60meg/minute, or 1Mb/sec which is still a lot. Have you tried pulling the data via snmp with something other than collectd?
comment What type of hard drive would be recomended for a backup server?
Yep, definitely meant RAID 10. RAID 0 would not be a good thing for backups, unless you worked for Enron.
comment Nagios - Possible to Create Dependancy tree for service with a parent host?
Hmm, I will need to go back and double check everything, I seem to be getting different behaviour with Nagios 3. I went back and looked for scenario a, and it is supposed to be the default behaviour for Nagios 3. For b, it looks like the service_dependency option allows for hostnames - at least it doesn't error when nagios loads. I still need to do some furhter checking.