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Started programming on a TRS-80 in 1979. I've written games, payroll apps, TSRs, accounting programs, and WYSIWYG check designers. I've coded websites in ASP and PHP, Perl and Java. My best skills are ProBasic, VB, PHP and Mobile Web (HTML5, CSS3, Webkit, Javascript, HTML). I know, or at least can navigate, C, C++, Objective C and Java. If you catch me at a good moment, I might admit to programming in assembly and even using debug.com to decrypt app functionality. Maybe ask me about the time I broke into CompuServe and landed in a PDP-11 command prompt!

Lately I've been coding in Objective-C with both pure native apps and using the hybrid app approach.

Back in my VB days, I created blackbeltvb.com to help with advanced VB questions. It's still there, but deprecated.

comment Preventing an Apache 2 Server from Logging Sensitive Data
Good answer - sometimes passing sensitive info in the URL is necessary, such as if you must use JSONP results. An SSL connection will still encrypt that entire URL, but the query must be sanitized before logging.
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