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In 1997, immigrated to Dallas, Texas from Armenia.

Started my first business online in 2005, funded by selling a TI-89 calculator my mother bought me for a statistics course. Unsurprisingly a few months after that I dropped out of high school and out of necessity started tinkering with Perl.

In 2008, I built an image hosting site that at one point served 2 million sessions a month. I ran the site alone, spending most of my time wrestling with servers and a nasty database cluster. Around the same time I enrolled in a university and despite my own efforts I now have a bachelors in Physics.

Sometime in 2011, I started building an android app which now has been downloaded over 200K times, with over 6K reviews, and a 4.27 rating.

In 2013, I moved to Lund, Sweden and started messing around with Python and Django to work on a new project - which didn't work out.

Currently I'm learning Go.

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