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comment How can the little guys effectively learn and use Puppet?
I work in a small company and I also run puppetd -t for testing on a couple boxes before pushing to all the servers. It never fails that a couple have something unique that causes my updates to fail on them. Puppet is a lot easier when you have a controlled and consistent environment for the beginning.
comment What is the right place for default gateway in CentOS/RHEL?
Why is that current convention? I have always used "/etc/sysconfig/network". It seems logical, since a host should only have a single default gateway, and not a different one for each interface. That's what route-ethX would be used for.
comment Find command exclude files whose path match a certain pattern
Good note on ls, but you should include the alternatives such as ls -ld and simply -ls to find. Both should work since the question is tagged Linux.
comment How to mass move files one directory up
its still bad practice, you could have just have easily done this with -exec bash -c '....'. Not everything in /home has to be a user's home directory.
comment How to mass move files one directory up
This will break on directories that contain newlines or spaces.
comment How to I know hard disk members of any Virtual Disk LSI RAID with MEgaRaid
megactl is much easier to use and will give you the information you are looking for without parsing MegaCli's convoluted help output - sourceforge.net/projects/megactl
comment ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)
What does the log say? This is off-topic here, as it is not a programming question.
comment No Space left on device - Fedora 15
If you ran the analyzer as non-root, it may not have been able to read files inside of some directories. It is also possible that files have been deleted, but remain open by programs. This question is off-topic here.