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I'm Greek-Italian, living currently in Czech Republic, Studying Pharmacy. I enjoy technology, programming (Ruby), blogging, snowboarding, basketball and reading.

comment reroute tcp connections to remote server so that they connect to localhost instead
Why not modify the script instead?
comment Ping only OS Detection with nmap?
@MattUebel well yes and no. Router can modify the TTL so again it's not an all-around idea, specially since some ISPs tend to play with these flags more often than not.
comment Ping only OS Detection with nmap?
@tonyroth sure, I was referring to the ones who run... You issue via netcat/telnet a "HEAD" request will show some info, sometimes enough (Apache/SSL Debian Wheezy, etc.). It's a very old trick. Same can be used for other ports but as you said, no server runs every service...
comment Block Google requests to 16k using pf firewall
"source-track-global" is not made for that sort of thing. It doesn't work by accumulating data from each different ip. I changed my pf.conf since then, but I can look at my backups if you wanna know the details.
comment FreeBSD 9.0 supports only IPv6. What this practically means?
Yeah I got victim of FUD. There other people who don't quite understand the things I've asked and replicate false deductions. Thanks for answering.