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comment reroute tcp connections to remote server so that they connect to localhost instead
Why not modify the script instead?
comment Ping only OS Detection with nmap?
@MattUebel well yes and no. Router can modify the TTL so again it's not an all-around idea, specially since some ISPs tend to play with these flags more often than not.
comment Ping only OS Detection with nmap?
@tonyroth sure, I was referring to the ones who run... You issue via netcat/telnet a "HEAD" request will show some info, sometimes enough (Apache/SSL Debian Wheezy, etc.). It's a very old trick. Same can be used for other ports but as you said, no server runs every service...
comment Block Google requests to 16k using pf firewall
"source-track-global" is not made for that sort of thing. It doesn't work by accumulating data from each different ip. I changed my pf.conf since then, but I can look at my backups if you wanna know the details.
comment FreeBSD 9.0 supports only IPv6. What this practically means?
Yeah I got victim of FUD. There other people who don't quite understand the things I've asked and replicate false deductions. Thanks for answering.