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Currently a Development Team Leader for an eProcurement software firm in Manchester.

I'm an OpenSource advocate, and I'm working on various home based projects.

Personal philosophies:

"Trust, like spandex, is a privilege not a right" (combination of me and Matthew Lillard, I think)

"Trust, but verify" (Ronald Reagan)

comment Passing IP address with mod_proxy
This answer refers to keeping the "public.server.name" on the outgoing request to http://localhost:8180/ not making the client ip valid.
comment AWSTATS 7.0 not detecting OS & Robots
I'm having the same problem, have you had any joy with fixing it?
comment IIS duplicating websites with different configs
That was the plan, but it's looking less likely. We're probably going to go down the route of getting the application changed to allow for inbound hostname dependent configurations. This way, there is no need to copy/link files, it's just 2 websites using the same codebase location
comment IIS duplicating websites with different configs
I think the issue with this solution (if I'm understanding it correctly) is that there would need to be a manual action to copy the files on each deployment, which is the exact solution I didn't want to do.