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I am a young developer. I enjoy working with Android devices and created web frameworks. I believe we are always learning something new. I do not have a problem helping others with thier code. I enjoy helping and learning from others.

If you have a question that you may think I know please let me know!

comment Create a Public SQL Server
I haven't set up VPN on this server. Which leads to my next question. I have the server role setup but the client are unable to connect, even internally. They get error 807. Any thoughts?
comment SQL Server 2012 not visible on local network
This is express edition.
comment Windows 2008 Server Local Domain
I may have skipped that last step. I did however use dcpromo.exe to set it up but I don't think I actually set up the DC. I will try this and update once I have.
comment Windows 2008 Server Local Domain
It will be local to the network only, no outside connections. I setup an Active Directory but no one was able to connect. The setup process was pretty easy. Any documentation for this would be nice.