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comment Google Apps Mail + Nameservers
But what if the owner of the domain have changed? And now the GoDaddy account which manage the domain doesn't have the DNS Premium thing and the costumer doesn't want to pay. So I guess it's not possible, and now the people who see the server have bought another one and now it's solved. But thank you for the information, I have done it with my own account and it worked!
comment SSL Certificate for a subdomain does work
The issued certificate is for xyz.com. We generated the CSR for that domain and then we send it to the hosting provider. There is no warning message so it's 100% sure that it wasn't installed properly. xyz is a subdomain of abc; but it is also domain.
comment SSL Certificate for a subdomain does work
Thee user are going to type "(www.)xyz.com" and the certificate was applied to that domain. Maybe it was installed wrong, or the CSR wasn't generated properly (it was rejected 3 times because of the country code: "PE"). We own abc.com. Also, there is no warning message, just it is not working. I will contact (again) the hosting provider who sell us the certificate. Thanks for your help.
comment Amazon EC2 SSH Failed to connect “Bad File Number”
I think most people forget to apply rules changes. I did.