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comment On Windows 7, is it possible to configure an additional static IPv6 address in addition to a dynamic IPv6 address?
I wasn't interested in a link-local address (link local addresses don't work as easily as global scope address since the interface has to be specified). Running the above CLI command did create a permanent IPv6 address but I could have done the same thing in the GUI by choosing manually assign an address. The important part to me is that the system still gets a router assigned global scope IPv6 address in addition to the static IPv6 address.
comment tar over ssh to IPv6 host
I tried running cat in the ssh remote command but I got write errors. I was able to get the command working by using dd instead of cat.
comment tar over ssh to IPv6 host
I haven't see anything in the GNU docs that describes this feature as depreciated and it does work for IPv4 (you can easily try both IPv4 and IPv6).Yes, I should have included the error output which has tar complaining about that it couldn't write that device. The --rsh-command is not needed since GNU tar on CentOS/Ubuntu is compiled to automatically use ssh instead of rsh and this wouldn't affect the destination IP.
comment tar over ssh to IPv6 host
It does work for GNU tar but not AT&T or older BSD tar - it makes use of the BSD rsh (but uses ssh) and rmt system. See the bottom of this page: