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I'm a co-founder at AppScale, located in Santa Barbara, California. I love programming and learning new programming languages.

Some open source projects I've been involved in:

AppScale - an open source implementation of the Google App Engine APIs. Runs App Engine apps written in Python, Java, Go, or PHP over Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, Eucalyptus, Xen, or KVM.

Active Cloud DB - a software-as-a-service that exposes a REST API to any of the databases that AppScale supports (e.g., HBase, Cassandra, MongoDB) or the Datastore that App Engine supports.

Neptune - a domain specific language that automatically configures and deploys high performance computing apps over AppScale. Run your MPI, MapReduce, X10, and other codes automatically over EC2 without needing to know how to start them and configure them!

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