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You want to know a bit about me?? Run the following code; or not.

from random import shuffle


class cipherText:

    def encode(key,plaintext):



        for i in range(0,len(key)):


        for l in plaintext:
            if l in dic.values():

        return ciphertext,key

    def decode(key,ciphertext,alphabet):
        for i in range(0,len(alphabet)):


        for l in ciphertext:
            if l in dic.keys():

        return plaintext

if __name__=="__main__":
    users = {}
    for i in range(1,9999999):
        users["user%s"%(i)] = "I am a programmer. I like to code.... just .. like.. everyone one HERE etc etc"

        if i == 1209423:
            print cipherText.decode(key,"Tyod od duz$%hwpcb&hx. Ewpcghtp xyh yzd z *chbo&p ypcp, "\
            "&o%p&g '&hwpd' uh $hmp ztm uypcpbhcp *nuuots dn$y z duzup#ptu ot z 'roh' od cpz&&g nttpddp$zcgf "\
            "Ppcdhtz&&g, I'# thu z scpzu *chscz##pc rnu I ptjhg z shhm $yz&&ptsp ztm I &hwp &pzctots tpx #puyhmd "\
            "xyo&p *chscz##ots. I z# z dp&b uznsyu Pguyht, PHP, ztm Cii *chscz##pc, z&uyhnsy #hdu hb #g $hmots "\
            "$yh*d &op ot PHP xpr mpwp&h*#ptu.Suo&& ot #g &pzctots duzsp, ztm z&xzgd xo&&ots uh &pzct #hcp. I &hwp "\
            "uyp Pguyhto$ xzg hb $hmots ztm z# yh*ots uh rp$h#p #hcp *chbo$optu ot dn$y #puyhmh&hsg uychnsy *cz$uo$p "\
            "ztm &pzctots ht Suz$% Owpcb&hx.Mhdu hb z&&, I z# z GNU/Lotnl mopyzcm, z Pptsnot xouy z *zddoht ztm *pt$yptu "\
            "bhc *chscz##ots.",alphabet)

            break #The mold. Send an email to know more, or if to just correct my coding.

comment How to store data on a machine whose power gets cut at random
Non-constructive comment incoming: I'd say you must be working for the US Military (or other affiliated 'company') but your profile states you're in Dublin.
comment Windows Integrated authentication with member groups
Good answer, thanks for the reply. Could you elaborate a bit further on how you got the utility AD user to process the search/member groups of the 'just-logged-in-user' ? In my recent tests, with attempting to use the utility account the ldap_search only returns the utility accounts groups/attributes, regardless of username to search for.
comment 12.04 ext4 - cannot create regular file/No space left - with a lot of space and inodes
The site you are looking for is google.
comment How can I run an application from a network share without prompting for Admin password?
@Zoredache Will you please post your first comment as an expanded answer so that I can accept it as the solution?
comment How can I run an application from a network share without prompting for Admin password?
@Zoredache Good advice. Restructuring the program in a way that will stop hitting some 'Elevate this to administrator rights' trigger may induce less headaches than figuring the Windows aspect out. Although, I am unsure why a program in C++ with network capabilities on a network server would raise such a flag....
comment How can I run an application from a network share without prompting for Admin password?
Thanks for the great advice. However, after getting a gpresult report and verifying it thoroughly, nothing is amiss in regards to permissions. Limited users have permission to this folder for 'Full access' as well as 'Execute'. Effective permissions show that there is no reason the user would need to elevate permissions to run the program. (And it is in attempt to run the program (UAC prompt) not a network/folder access (Network dialog) prompt ) so that is my mistake in the original question.
comment How can I run an application from a network share without prompting for Admin password?
The compatibility mode option I need is to 'Run program as administrator' for all users. Utilizing a batch file would be insecure, if I had to put the password in plaintext to run this program. Attempting to start the program from a batch file without the 'Run as admin' option, fails to initiate the application. (Never loads)
comment Remotely uninstall software from domain workstations
@jscott Can you combine your comments and make them an answer, so I can accept it? Research and planning has shown that re-imaging PCs from a singular base point is the best course of action.
comment Windows 7 Unattended install - Not really 'unattended'
I have the MDT kit, and the WAIK. As stated, I use Windows System Image Manager to edit/write the answerfile.
comment Remotely uninstall software from domain workstations
@Jscott 495 workstations with varying degree of hardware profiles and required applications (Base applications + dept specific applications). Nearly impossible to pre-image and deploy a standard clone using WDS/Clonezilla/Acronis. Currently 15 of those workstations are already upgraded to Win 7, but the rest are XP.