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I have been designing & building websites and online applications for a few years now and have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. I work mainly in php/codeigniter using jquery on the front-end with the occasional bit of Flash thrown in for good measure (though this seems to be a bit of a dirty word these days thanks to certain fruit based hardware/software companies).

I am both tantalised and frustrated by my recent ventures into css3/HTML5 - as exciting as some of the new features are once again we are held up by the third world browsers - most notably microsofts past and present efforts - I really wish they would give up and let firefox get on with it... hey ho. ( IE issues : FF issues = 50:1 )

Top Web development erm, development in the last 5 years (maybe - couldnt be bothered to google it) - got to be Jquery - pure website magic.

If your not excited by the oracle that we call the internet there is either something wrong with you or you haven't been around long enough to remember the before time... an age of landlines, libraries and rewind buttons.

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