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Ashley Davis

I am software developer living and working in Brisbane, Australia. My background is in video game development and I am now involved in serious games and simulations: making game technology work for business. I'm also working on products in the cloud and mobile spaces.

I have managed several teams of developers over many years building cutting-edge products in fast-moving and high-pressure environments. I know how to focus and prioritize so that the important things get done.

I am a passionate technologist and agile practitioner. Agile techniques have bought much professional and personal benefit. I have had great success with TDD and am convinced of its ability to produce better code that stabilizes more quickly whilst being evolved rapidly. I'm also a fan of functional programming and the potential it offers for safety, predictability and concurrency. I have integrated modern functional techniques into my development life without sacrificing on practicality.

I regularly contribute to the open source community and I am a founder of and organise two monthly games industry meetups in Brisbane.

My linkedin page: https://au.linkedin.com/in/ashleydavis75

The meetup groups http://www.meetup.com/Game-Technology-Brisbane/ http://www.meetup.com/Game-development-Brisbane/

My open source repositories: https://github.com/codecapers https://github.com/Real-Serious-Games

My web page: http://www.codecapers.com.au/

Skills: Management of development teams and projects Mentoring and coaching developers Making sense of technology for senior management Developing strategies for longer-term technical projects Languages: C++, C#, Python, Javascript, Lua, Assembly Language UI development Client-side web development Server and cloud development skills Compiler, interpreter, debugger and API development Data export, conversion & processing tools Performance analysis and optimization Automated defect and performance testing Computer games, engine & tools development Computer graphics, special effects and renderers