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comment How is route automatic metric calculated on Windows 7?
Any luck figuring this out? In XP when my VPN connects, all the routes to the remote network have a metric of 1 and local connections are 10. In Windows 7 even if you use the 'METRIC' parameter in the 'route add' command it still shows up with some arbitrary metric. Further, in XP all the interfaces are set to automatic metric. In Windows 7 even by specifying metrics on every interface they still come up arbitrarily! What gives?
comment Hyper-V vs. ESXi vs. XenServer
@Dscoduc - Just personal preference more than anything. Sure Hyper-V works without a domain, but if you ever wanted to take advantage of the higher-end features you get for free with Hyper-V Server (CSV, Live Migration, etc) you do need a domain. With XenServer you get those kind of high-end features without needing a domain and with the ease of an appliance.
comment Does KVM-over-IP typically hijack a NIC
So what I'm hearing is that it depends on the manufacturer? Anyone have experience specific to TYAN motherboards?
comment ZFS: Mirror vs. RAID-Z
Gotta give the answer to dotwaffle since he helped me understand the technical difference. Great advice on intended usage though...that really made me stop and think.
comment ZFS: Mirror vs. RAID-Z
So then to be clear the benefit of RAIDZ over mirrors is a little more protection from hardware failures? RAIDZ1 and a mirror with X drives are essentially equivalent?
comment ZFS: Mirror vs. RAID-Z
But in ZFS what does the parity block of RAIDZ give you? Does it provide any additional data integrity beyond what ZFS already provides? Or is it simply needed for any two drives to die? If that's the only benefit than in the three-way scenario there is no benefit of RAIDZ over a mirror, right?
comment What are the practical steps to migrate a virtual machine from VMWare ESXi to XenServer?
Yup. Just boot from the XenServer install CD and doing a P2V migration is one of the options.
comment Can I change my domain password on multiple computers over a VPN?
unknown FTW! Not only does this work for changing passwords, it also let me add a new computer to the domain over the VPN and log in using a domain user and no cached creds!
comment Can I change my domain password on multiple computers over a VPN?
How would the second computer know about the new PW by connecting to the VPN? If I authenticate against cached creds it never gets a chance to update them, right?