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Russell Bradberry is the Principal Architect at SimpleReach where he is responsible for architecting and building out highly scalable data solutions. He has put into market a wide range of products including a real time bidding ad server, a rich media ad management tool, a content recommendation system and most recently a real time social intelligence platform.

He is also co-author of Practical Cassandra A developer's approach to Cassandra.

comment How Do I Automatically Update My Database Nightly
as i mentioned in the other answer, I couldnt find a /etc/crontab file on the mac, is it in a different location?
comment How Do I Automatically Update My Database Nightly
im not sure if postgres does log shipping or mirroring natively. i couldnt find a crontab on the mac, we use crontabs on our servers and that would seem like an ideal solution but im not sure how to begin scripting that.
comment Hyper-V VM Resolution Issue
I have the latest updates installed on my windows 2008 server (SP2) I check windows update and there are no updates available. The first thing I do when installing the VM is install the integration tools. Is there a patch for the Hyper-V or Integration tools that I should be aware of?