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I have been working with Unix since 1985, covering most aspects of systems work during that time while taking on more responsibility.

I relocated from Copenhagen to Stockholm in 2006, and I am now working as a subconsultant, as a UNIX/networking/security/Windows generalist.

At the same time I am implementing and supporting all technical aspects of an online department store that my wife and I started in 2008.

Specialties: Unix/Linux, system administration, IP networks, security, Windows Server/AD, Oracle

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comment How to sort ps output by process start time?
The difference between lstart and start_time caught me out as well -- lstart gives a full timestamp, but cannot be used as a sort key. start_time gives the usual 'time within the last 24 hours, date otherwise' column, and can be used as a sort key. Both give 'STARTED' in the header.