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comment How to convince management to deploy to Virtual Machines
A quick response is "Virtual machines use resources that are being wasted in order to reduce the total cost of ownership." Then show them this cost comparison. Mention other companies they respect that use VMs - they're everywhere.
comment Method to backup PST files
We had issues with PST files on the network drives. Email would just disappear as it was being moved into the PST. Since then we switched to local PST files and sync them to a server using DeltaCopy.
comment Why hasn't rsync caught on in the Windows world?
+1 I cannot upvote this enough. DeltaCopy is how we backup a couple of linux servers to our Windows-based backup server. Rsync on Ubuntu right into the DeltaCopy client on Windows.
comment Any guidelines to think about when considering virtualizing an exchange server?
How many mailboxes does this support, about what level of usage?