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comment Analyze tons of Apache logs
Tried the Kibana, filled it up with tons of logs. It does get a bit slow sometimes, and ES in the background probably needs some more tweaking but it's serving the purpose right now. I did try with Graylog2 before Kibana and that didn't go that well unfortunately. Kibana seems to be much easier to set up.
comment Apache 2 settings for high traffic website
Problem identified - a php native function which loads it's ini file for every request was causing the problem. Our solution was to rewrite the method and take another approach while we didn't try to place the ini file in ram. That might have helped also. If I had started profiling sooner ( when this comment came, I would have fixed it sooner ). That's why this comment is accepted.
comment Apache 2 settings for high traffic website
Thanx!!! You were right... most connections are in W mode... I updated the question with server-status response