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comment IIS permission configuration issue
I never got to the bottom of it. I promptly changed hosting providers and started with a fresh server. That's not helpful to you at all I'm afraid, but it's where I got to.
comment Robust and flexible hosting of DNS A records
Not necessarily. What are you thinking? How would that help in re-pointing the domains in case of a disaster on the primary host-server's IP address?
comment IIS permission configuration issue
The support guys have said that they've "set permissions on 'C:\inetpub\temp\IIS Temporary Compressed Files' and 'C:\inetpub\temp\aappools'". Is this likely to permanently solve the issue?
comment Recover MySQL tables from frm files
I'm not sure Joel. All I know is that there were only 2 tables accessible before and 6 inaccessible. I was able to recover the 6 inaccessible ones from the .frm and ibdata1 files. It definitely worked and all data is thankfully intact.
comment How to access MySQL on Windows
It actually turned out to be a borked MySQL install, but the above helped a lot, thanks!
comment Recover MySQL tables from frm files
Thanks Iain. We have the slave drives from the original machine, so every file should be on there. There are just no MYD or MYI files for the 6 'missing' tables though, but it was definitely working up until the crash, so the data must be somewhere. That prompted me to investigate more and I found lots of posts saying that sometimes data is stored in two different ways with MySQL, and it should be possible to recover the data from the ibdata1 and ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1 files. I'm just struggling to find out how to do that exactly.
comment Folders 'locked' to FTP access on Win Server 2003 Standard - firewall issue but how to resolve
Yes, permissions have been checked. The key is that it works when the firewall is disabled but problem starts again when the firewall is re-enabled. So it's definitely related to the firewall but I've no idea why it would be doing this or how to stop it!