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Just another sad, but unremarkable tale of a bright kid who squandered his potential and ruined his life by turning to a career in IT.

Since first embarking down this dark path, I've done a little bit of everything, from small businesses to large datacenters, Linux to Windows, networking and security, DBA roles and, in my darkest moments, even some light mainframe operations.

These days it's Microsft products paying the bills, for what difference it makes. Whether it's a multi-domain AD environment with tens of thousands of users, a small cluster of Linux webservers, or a tangled web of network cables, systems are all just complex tools to do complex jobs, perpetually in need of someone to make them perform better and ensure they're always available when someone needs them.

Since being a lawyer seemed too boring, being a doctor seemed too hard, and my idea of a good time usually involves using a powerful computer anyway, I really can't imagine doing anything else.

Recently certified Genius of network:

Dear HopelessN00b Genius of network... it's easy for you to speak. If I could explain my problems in my language probably also an hysteric like you could help me, but in another Language (english) is no easy for me. Anyway thanks, I'll continue to try online. Ps. I make this job from 1998 when you were probably coming out of college. So before to speak... think!

reviewed Leave Closed How to deploy a PHP app (e.g. Wordpress) to an open source PaaS without using CLI?
comment Why is cat6 required for long cable runs?
You'll have to ask the vendor, I bet. CAT5e is rated for up to 100 meters.
comment Windows upgrade from 2008 R2 to 2012 R2 fails with “You can’t do a typical upgrade …”
Pretty sure that error message means you need a German Server 2012 R2 DVD.
revised Prompt for Certificate Password When Accessing EFS Shares
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comment Windows Server Security/System Log Access Auditing
You'll get the user account accessing it. Would kind of defeat the whole purpose of having permissions on files if you could sidestep them by using a different application, wouldn't it?
comment Scripting VMWare ESXi from a linux server
Can you access the host machine over SSH, instead of relying on the wmware-commandline? Might be a touch easier.
comment Windows Server Security/System Log Access Auditing
I'm not sure (hence not posting this as an answer), but I believe you'd have to enable file system auditing and monitor those logs for access to the event log files/folder. This link gives you a basic how-to on auditing file access... it's for file servers, but the same principles apply, and I'm sure it's every bit as much of a pain in the ass to do what you want.
reviewed Leave Closed Postgres / Prism authentication
comment Migrating SQL Server 2000 from Physical to Virtual
My team will be tasked with a Physical-to-Virtual migration of SQL Server ... as a punishment? In any event, since you're migrating it anyway, I would recommend upgrading to a version of SQL server that's actually supported. SQL Server 2000 went EoL last year, and can be upgraded in one step to at least SQL Server 2008, and possibly SQL Server 2008 R2, which is what I'd strongly recomend you do. Might want to look into upgrading the OS too... for that matter, why not just build up a new VM, on a modern OS, with a modern SQL Server version and move the database?
reviewed Leave Closed Check latency and download speed of multiple servers
reviewed Leave Closed Difference between ECU and virtual cloud based hosting
comment Desktop Wallpaper through group policy for Windows 8 client
@amitsgokhale You didn't say what kind of GPO this is... it might only apply at boot or logon, so try restarting the machine as well.
comment Windows 7: Acessing share over wifi
I may be wrong, but based on the error message: Multiple connections to the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed, I'm wondering if the issue is that multiple connections to the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed.
comment Replacing failed drive on a ESXi host
Well, the correct way to do it is with RAID, on a modern version of ESXi. ESX4 went EoL last year.
answered Desktop Wallpaper through group policy for Windows 8 client
comment Completely removing MSXML 4.0 that was installed with SXS components
Why the concern about removing it completely? Why isn't an uninstall good enough?
comment Network system tray icon and control panel slowly becoming unresponsive in Windows 7
Honestly, I only bother with IPSec, which is the way the industry is going, and has been going for quite some time. So.. no, I don't have a PPTP client I can recommend.
comment Network system tray icon and control panel slowly becoming unresponsive in Windows 7
Don't use Microsoft's PPTP implementation, it's insecure. Also, managing hundreds of connections is a job for a connection management application, not... your system tray.
comment How can I configure my DHCP server to distribute IP routes?
comment What type of switch should I get to implement a site with around 140 desktop machines, plus around 20 SIP phones?
You should get a switch with at least 140 ports on it.