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Just another sad, but unremarkable tale of a bright kid who squandered his potential and ruined his life by turning to a career in IT.

Since first embarking down this dark path, I've done a little bit of everything, from small businesses to large datacenters, Linux to Windows, networking and security, DBA roles and, in my darkest moments, even some light mainframe operations.

These days it's Microsft products paying the bills, for what difference it makes. Whether it's a multi-domain AD environment with tens of thousands of users, a small cluster of Linux webservers, or a tangled web of network cables, systems are all just complex tools to do complex jobs, perpetually in need of someone to make them perform better and ensure they're always available when someone needs them.

Since being a lawyer seemed too boring, being a doctor seemed too hard, and my idea of a good time usually involves using a powerful computer anyway, I really can't imagine doing anything else.

Recently certified Genius of network:

Dear HopelessN00b Genius of network... it's easy for you to speak. If I could explain my problems in my language probably also an hysteric like you could help me, but in another Language (english) is no easy for me. Anyway thanks, I'll continue to try online. Ps. I make this job from 1998 when you were probably coming out of college. So before to speak... think!

comment IIS8 and RDS 2012
@DirkDiggler Sounds like you might need to do some reading on RDS farm architecture/design and how the various servers and services work together... and maybe ask a different question once you've done that.
comment IIS SMTP Service LDAP
Yes, you need to add more information. A lot more information. See this thread for help on how to ask better questions.
comment Accidentally revoked all puppetmaster certs
I should mention that /var/lib/puppet wasn't being backed up for some reason. On the bright side, having to log into 300 servers manually should server as a helpful reminder about the importance of taking and testing backups.
comment Microsoft Windows .NET/Visual Studio SDKs installed on production server
@MichaelHampton Correct. And I have personally seen "enterprise" software that required an SDK to run, which we had on a server that multiple clients connected to. Like an Access database... no excuse for needing or using it, but plenty of crappy software does anyway.
comment IIS8 and RDS 2012
@DirkDiggler Added a couple links for your consumption. Let me know if that's enough to get you what you need or not.
comment IIS8 and RDS 2012
What's the problem here? You forgot to include information about what's not working about your setup.
comment In which version of windows is powershell installed by default?
Guys, asking which version of Windows comes with PowerShell installed is a perfectly on-topic question that's relevant to professional systems administration. It may be a lazy question that deserves some downvotes, but it's not an off-topic question.
comment Server 2008 R2, restart script not running in scheduled tasks to shut down company computers
Also, why reboot computers daily? Sounds like the wrong solution to the problem, whatever the problem is.
comment Do I need Remote Desktop Services
Voted to close as unclear because pushing us down the terminal services route is very ambiguous. What, precisely, are they pushing you to implement, and what, precisely are you talking about when you say "terminal services?"
comment An unknown tool is wiping our Virtual Machines and we can't ID it
Can you break out of the software or use any of the common Windows shortcut keys to get more info?
comment Windows Remote Desktop Connection
@user234360 Well, yeah, it's more secure than not having it, but no security is perfect. And, as the comment above cautions, make sure you have a static IP before using this feature... and be warned that most residential ISPs don't offer this. (After almost 2 years at the same IP, my ISP changed my IP a couple nights ago, and I'm now in a block that geo-IP identifies as being in a completely different state from where I live.)
comment Can you host Remote Desktop Services w/ RemoteFX on a Virtual Server?
@DrewKhoury This is actually a reasonable question that there isn't a whole lot of information on out there.
comment Powershell IIS works in command line but not in asp.net
@Niels well, that's a pretty big tip-off to what the problem is. Can you call any cmdlets from your asp.net code?
comment Multipe vnc sessions on Linux
This question appears to be off-topic because ServerFault is not a free script writing service.
comment cPanel/WHM not writing to server
How can I fix this issue? Unfortunately, after a cPanel infection, your only option is to format the disk and start fresh.
comment Raid 10, Logical device are missing
Adaptec controller, eh? My condolences, and good luck with that. I lost a very large array thanks to an Adaptec controller crapping out for no ostensible reason... might want to think about switching to an LSI card.
comment SQL Server 2014 Setup Fails with Error 5 - Terminal Services Unsupported?
@JohnMeyer Unfortunately, I'm not really the one to ask about that... I wouldn't install SQL server via a command scheduler. One of the first things I do on my servers is enable WinRM and PowerShell remoting, so I'd just open a remote PowerShell session and run the installer through that, TBH. PSExec involves a little less setup, and should work as well, though, worst case, I'd just temporarily install a VNC server on the box, and uninstall it after I finished installing SQL server.
comment How can I copy a website shortcut to the windows 7 desktop of different users on my network through email
through email. ... because ... ? Someone decided it couldn't be implemented easily, properly or sanely, so they want to use a messaging protocol to change files on client machines? I should introduce you to my boss. You'd get along smashingly.
comment Windows Server 2008R2 Print server, access by CNAME not working
Does this Technet blog post help you out at all?
comment Shared hosting server setup
Then asking about those, specifically (or one of those, specifically) is probably a better way to go. I just don't see this question getting reopened, that's all.