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Just another sad, but unremarkable tale of a bright kid who squandered his potential and ruined his life by turning to a career in IT.

Since first embarking down this dark path, I've done a little bit of everything, from small businesses to large datacenters, Linux to Windows, networking and security, DBA roles and, in my darkest moments, even some light mainframe operations.

These days it's Microsft products paying the bills, for what difference it makes. Whether it's a multi-domain AD environment with tens of thousands of users, a small cluster of Linux webservers, or a tangled web of network cables, systems are all just complex tools to do complex jobs, perpetually in need of someone to make them perform better and ensure they're always available when someone needs them.

Since being a lawyer seemed too boring, being a doctor seemed too hard, and my idea of a good time usually involves using a powerful computer anyway, I really can't imagine doing anything else.

Recently certified Genius of network:

Dear HopelessN00b Genius of network... it's easy for you to speak. If I could explain my problems in my language probably also an hysteric like you could help me, but in another Language (english) is no easy for me. Anyway thanks, I'll continue to try online. Ps. I make this job from 1998 when you were probably coming out of college. So before to speak... think!

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