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Creator of SlickRun and the Fiddler Web Debugger.

Program Manager at Microsoft from 2001-2012 (Office Online and Internet Explorer). Named an MVP for Internet Explorer in 2013. I am part of the IE userAgents community (http://useragents.ie) that recognizes, connects, and empowers passionate web developers to raise awareness about the importance of web standards and cross-browser coding best practices.

I currently work on Fiddler full-time at Telerik.

comment Can't access the DELETE method on nginx
You mentioned on Twitter that the method worked fine over HTTPS, and suggested that perhaps your router or ISP is blocking DELETE.
comment Stop IE8 renaming files to .zip when downloading?
It's actually more complicated than that. If you send the MIME as application/octet-stream, IE will sniff the "PK" at the head of the file and say, oh, the server didn't know what this was, so it gave me a generic application/octet-stream MIME type. But I know that a file starting with PK is probably a ZIP file, so I'll rename it. To avoid running into a problem like that, serve the file with a MIME type that's NOT application/octet-stream. Instead send, e.g. application/x-not-a-ZIP
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comment Performance problem in Vista Windows explorer if /SWAPRUN:NET is set on an executable
FWIW, the IE Team hit this problem a few years ago with our installers; for us, it's worse because we can have dozens of installer versions in a single folder. Yes, the entire image gets copied across the network, even for datafile only loading to get the icon resources. The workaround is a bit insane; you can remove that flag and have the first thing your app does when it runs fault in the entire binary. There was some sample code for that in Microsoft Systems Journal back in 1999 or so. We decided not to take it to that extreme.