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comment Strange Mongo DB writelock values in logfile
you asked this on mongodb-users group - it's a more appropriate question for that forum. But short answer - there is nothing wrong with your system.
comment MongoDB and datasets that don't fit in RAM no matter how hard you shove
The advice to read a record before writing to it to get it into RAM is not good advice. Since 2.0 (mid-2011) MongoDB has had yielding if data to be accessed isn't in RAM so you're just causing an extra read and an extra round trip to the server for no good reason if you do that since the lock wouldn't be held for that duration anyway.
comment High CPU usage on mongodb server when idle?
did you try turning off snapshotting? cpu = false or just comment out cpu=true. Also check this bug out: jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-2114
comment MongoDB ReplicaSet Elections when some nodes are down
If two out of three are up they will elect one of them as primary. If they split the vote the first time, they will back off and renominate so while it may take more than one "vote" a new primary will be elected.