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Long-time programmer, into nerdy things like Lisp and Scheme, but do most real-world work in Python.

I work for Space Monkey, Inc.

comment Measuring 'total bytes written' under Linux
@antonio That does show the sector size being used with the underlying hardware, but afaict from the kernel source, iostat source, and empirical tests, the "sectors" number in /proc/diskstats always refers to 512 bytes, even when hw_sector_size is different (at least since the 2.4 series). See block/cfq-iosched.c, particularly cfqg_stats_update_dispatch().
comment Why do signed deb packages say they're not authenticated when copied to my private deb repo?
This is correct. You can include a direct signature on deb source (on a .dsc file) or on a .changes file (which defines a set of debs/source for upload to an apt server), but I don't think there's any commonly supported way to include a signature in a .deb itself. It's up to the apt server to make sure it only includes verified packages and sign its own packages lists (or use upstream package lists verbatim).