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I have used Access 2000, Access 2007, and Access 2010 to program databases. I've become quite familiar with VBA in the process, and I have used in several applications utilizing Outlook, Word, and Excel.

I am also familiar with VB (the 6.0 flavor), and I have successfully created a website using VB.NET.

I prefer websites to follow the W3C standards, and I try to fulfill those expectations when I make them myself. I am familiar with HTML, CSS, and XHTML, but I haven't updated my knowledge on HTML5. The idea that we have to support multiple implementations of HTML5 in with browsers frustrates me to pieces, and with Microsoft getting ready to push for all application development in that language, I'm a bit fearful. Still, at least there is progress in unification of application development. Hopefully, things will get easier, but only after they get harder.

Still, I remember the days of Qbasic, and those were quite fun!

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