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Nik Bougalis

I grew up playing with test tubes and beakers, reading history and philosophy books, making model rockets, drawing just about everywhere, playing basketball, and tinkering with remote control cars and planes.

Currently, I am working at Ripple, developing real-time settlement solutions that will allow instant, certain, low-cost international payments over a global settlement network. You really should check it out - visit us at https://ripple.com.

I have worked as a software engineer for over fifteen years and although C++ is my favorite plaything, I have many others toys at my disposal and use them to do amazing things. I have developed just about everything – from shiny user interfaces to low-level kernel drivers. I've worked on servers that handle tens of thousands of users, caching software that accelerates hard drives using SSDs and encrypted distributed storage & backup systems.

My interests are diverse; beyond math-based currencies, they include stereo vision and input methods, cryptography, security, static software analysis, software protection, cloud storage and performance optimization.

You can find me on Twitter as @nbougalis or reach me by e-mail at nikb@bougalis.net.