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I am a Software QA person, but over the last ten years I've done a lot of programming and automated testing. I joined Stack Overflow when I started working with Cucumber and Watir-Webdriver, as this was the community for asking questions about using those projects. My other automation experience includes QTP (Mercury/HP Quick Test Pro) , RSpec, and writing scripts in Python, C#, Tcl, Tk, Expect, and some company-specific private DSLs.

I am currently working full time creating automated tests for a small company. I was asked to evaluate various tools and chose to use Cucumber, Watir-Webdriver and Selenium-Webdriver. I would be happy to discuss this experience with anyone else who is going through the process and needs some direction. My website link reflects this, and goes to a new blog I started to document the issues I encounter as I set up and use these programs on a Win 7 system connecting to a Linux environment.

My hobbies include teaching tae kwon do, DMing, reading, playing video games, and blacksmithing for living history museums as a volunteer. Not usually at the same time.

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