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comment Running perfmon continuously with periodic reports
Thanks for the link Arun, I'll check out the link when I get some free time and update you on my findings.
comment Representing server state with a metric
You're absolutely right that analysis of the raw data alone won't sufficiently gauge the performance of a program. In addition to the analysis of raw data, we do performance tests across our websites at different intervals, but that was a bit more straightforward to implement, so I didn't mention it. I'm in favor of doing some straightforward 95th percentile analysis, but how do industries generally break down time zones? Is this taken into consideration? Is it as simple as delegating different blocks?
comment Total RAM % from perfmon Windows Server 2008 R2
@Xaxum, Did you end up creating custom perfmon variables, or did you make the WMI calls that Wesley mentioned? What method did you find easier? I'm in exactly the same position now... I'd like to hear whatever advice you could give on this.
comment Getting RAM info from Performance Monitor
Yeah, this question is nearly identical to the one mentioned. Have you guys found it easier to make the custom WMI calls or create a new counter?
comment SYSTEM process not having write privileges
Hmm, I can't get this to work, and a similar question was posed which mentioned that computer accounts cannot be granted with shared access, only user accounts can.…
comment SYSTEM process not having write privileges
I'll try this now and accept the answer once checked, as this sounds like it's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick help!
comment Setting up perfmon across various servers
Thanks for your quick response, Jim. Can you elaborate on the first point, please? What does it mean if the perfmon process has more of an impact on the measured server?