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I've been making my living working with computers since 1972. In 1980 I founded a consulting company I ran until 2005; during that time I worked with a wide variety of applications, organizations, and technical environments. I'm now with EnterpriseDB as a database architect. I'm a committer for the free, open source version of PostgreSQL, and an active member of that community.

By far the largest patch I've worked on for PostgreSQL has been the Serializable Snapshot Isolation (SSI) implementation which went into PostgreSQL version 9.1. This was a joint project with Dan R.K. Ports of MIT, with helpful input and support from many in the PostgreSQL community. Our paper on that effort can be found here:


For the PostgreSQL docs on the feature, see:


For a number of examples see:


More recently I've added support for creating and refreshing materialized views to PostgreSQL, and am in the process of adding support for incremental maintenance based on the view's declaration.

comment Is PostgreSQL suited to one OS? Is it better on Linux than Windows?
I did do side-by-side comparisons of PostgreSQL on Windows versus Linux in the old 8.1 and 8.2 days. For our load Linux was about 50% faster. It's not clear how much of that was just the networking, though, because clients were on a separate box and using the same Java code to test raw network throughput on an open connection ran 30% faster when both sides were Linux than when both sides were Windows. Interestingly, when one side was Linux and one was Windows it was 15% slower than both sides Linux.
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