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comment Can I trust that ZFS is consistent between Linux and FreeBSD?
FreeNAS 8.3 with ZPool v28 has made it to the "stable" milestone, and ZFSBuild is undertaking intensive all-in-one testing comparing it to both Nexenta and vanilla OpenIndiana.
comment Is FreeNAS reliable?
One thing FreeNAS offers that OpenFiler doesn't is ZFS, which has some nifty data integrity features. e.g. It can detect and heal "bit rot", which you may care about if storing a large amount of data. (I read you may be able to jury-rig ZFS into OpenFiler but AFAIK it would be pretty experimental at this stage).
comment High Failure Rate of Large Drives?
Or you can mitigate it by "burning in" drives that are sourced from the same place at the same time. Run a write-intensive program against them for several hours/days; stagger durations to simulate disparate aging. I created a simple program called DriveTest which writes out psuedo-random data then reads it back and verifies in order to "burn in" and do a simple test desk simultaneously. This tip is not recommended for SSD's.