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I love startups, thats what I do, and hope to keep doing! I've worked for a few over the years, most have not made it. Some have. The biggest, lijit.com, was an awesome place to work.

So, why do I put up with the long hours and uncertainty of whether the next paycheck will come in or not? Its definitely not for the equity, that rarely works out :-)

Nope, its a love of tech. Since I could crawl, I've been taking things apart. Sticking screw drivers into power sockets, that kind of thing. I build things, mostly software these days, but I do dable with Arduino and the like (Arduino is awesome, by the way).

Working for startups has allowed me to play with all aspects of the tech we need to string together a startup in web/mobile space, and always on a shoe string budget. I've had to learn a ton of stuff like how to setup a production server farm from the classic LAMP stack to the more modern NGINX+Node.js+NoSQL setup. In fact, I'm just porting a legacy php-mysql system over to node.js-couchdb setup, which is so fast its just silly.

If I won the lottery, I'd start a company. And, it would involve robots. Seriously, I actually have a Masters in Artificial Intelligence and worked in robotics in the UAV industry. I worked for 10 years with flying robots. That was cool. Now that UAV's are allowed to fly in the airspace, maybe I will.....

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