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comment systemd for executing a script automatically while reboot
What is the output from systemctl status delayed_job.service -l?
answered nginx proxy keeps getting bad gateway
comment Follow symlink outside document root. (MAMP)
Why don't you just fix the DocumentRoot?
revised Why PTP uses Sync-followup pairs?
edited tags
revised Do I Need a PTP Aware Switch?
edited tags
revised ptp time synchronization on centos6/rhel
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wiki created ptp description
wiki created ptp excerpt
revised How to configure a redundant PTP server
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comment Why logrotate makes an extra rotation?
This doesn't seem to be a good way to do MySQL backups. Why are you reinventing the wheel?
comment Recompiling Nginx on live server on centos
The same way you did it last time? Following the documentation?
comment System Log is not understandable
Here's a hint: It's incomplete. You've left off perhaps a dozen lines prior to those you've posted.
comment Tracking/finding specific cron job
You only assume it's a cron job. It may not be. Your edits do not change the fact that your server was compromised and you should treat it as such.
comment Ubuntu server remote desktop blank screen
What do you mean by "server"? You tried to put a GUI on a server? I can't think of many good reasons to do this. If you want a GUI, run Ubuntu on your desktop.
comment Enabling cipher TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA (0xa) on Windows Server 2003+ISA 2006
You should not be planning to run Server 2003 for "a few more years"!
comment Cisco RV110W: Use LAN port as WAN?
Well, technically, all five ports are on a single switch, and it has the WAN port on a separate VLAN (VLAN 1, untagged), which is why it's reserved. And of course the firmware does not let you reassign the port to another VLAN. Third party firmware might allow it though.
comment Cisco RV110W: Use LAN port as WAN?
I'd much sooner use OpenWrt, as DD-WRT's future is questionable, but the general advice is sound.
comment How do I check the IaaS image hasn't been compromised
It's an interesting question which, for Ubuntu/Debian at least, doesn't seem to have an easy answer.
comment Linux - Disable routing but allow bridging
That's not foolproof either, since somebody can just accidentally turn off the firewall.
comment Problems installing gems with native extensions on Amazon Linux
Really? That's the entire contents of the file?!