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comment How can I mirror a yum repository but download only the newest versions of each package?
I don't know offhand, but it's an interesting question. Personally I don't worry about it. 8GB is a tiny fraction of my 276GB of local mirrors...
comment I get “dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern”error How to solve this?
What is the problem you are having? This question doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
reviewed Leave Closed How to ping a port with ip address using python in windows
comment Red 5 on Win 7 64 loading external but not local
This doesn't appear to be on topic here. You may be able to get help on Super User (and I see you have already posted there).
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comment LVM: How to re-use unwanted logical volume space on an existing volume
You really want to get rid of your swap space? You probably need it, with something that old. Probably better to create a new VM. But doing this is easy enough.
revised Optimal kernel configuration and patches for KVM host
Real testing, not fake benchmarks
comment Weird Apache HTTPD 403 Error
You appear to have obfuscated too much. Please check /var/log/audit/audit.log for related entries, and post your basic system information. See also How can I ask better questions on Server Fault?.
comment network access from AD Domain Controller
Yes, please edit your question. That will bring it back to the home page and also queue it for reopening review. Also please note that this isn't Stack Overflow and we have somewhat different expectations for questions.
comment Ubuntu 14.04 Ipv6 multicast
Is IPv6 actually enabled on the server?
comment Debian as TCP-Server for Serial Port redirecting
Your question looks exactly the same as that one, and its accepted answer looks like it will solve your problem. Exactly what is different about your question?
comment What am I leaving out in enabling CGI execution under Apache 2.2?
What's logged in the error log?
answered Set file description in apache2
comment How can I set Postfix outgoing port to 465, but keep incoming port to default?
Call the ISP and tell them to unblock it. Blocking incoming port 25 is absurd for a business class connection.
comment Nginx: Forwarding traffic from port 2368 to port 80
That looks precisely backward from what you stated. Exactly what are you trying to accomplish?
answered No shell and launch application on login
reviewed Edit suggested edit on How do I dump view schemas for a MySQL database?
revised How do I dump view schemas for a MySQL database?
reviewed Leave Closed user's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored when root login
answered How, with a mounted disk image, can I migrate a MySQL database to a new server?