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comment CentOS 6.4: Yum is not showing any 32 bit options for packages to install
Are you absolutely certain you need a 32-bit JRE?
comment Mail is marked as spam by gmail - no idea, why
Gmail tells you why they marked it as spam.
comment nginx - proxy pass without redirection
The problem would not exist (nor would many others).
comment nginx - proxy pass without redirection
This is just one of many reasons why "hashbang" should never never never be used.
comment Centos 7 with SElinux: openvpn and DNS
Where did you get this script? OpenVPN has no problems to edit the resolv.conf file by itself.
comment starttls fails after IP address change
You have obfuscated too much and left out important information. This will almost certainly require your real information to figure out the problem.
comment delete millions of files within a directory
What is your question?
comment Automatic MySQL shutdown is RHEL7
Why is it shutting down? What else is logged?
comment redirect non-www to www and http to https at the same time
Add a server block for it?
comment nginx poodle fix configuration
You are missing TLSv1 and will lose a lot of somewhat older browsers (mobile phones, IE, Safari...)
comment SSL on Heroku, error add cert: “not valid. The 'Not After' date restriction on the certificate has passed.”
The "Not After" date is the time when the certificate expires.
comment Secure permissions setup for Drupal website with multiple maintainers
We deploy Drupal with capistrano. To the extent drush is ever used, it's mostly on the developers' machines, and rarely is this an issue in production.
comment nginx 403 Forbidden on CentOS (Vagrant)
Check your error log.
comment Mailman: Is it possible to re-send bounced emails?
Strange, postfix gave up at just over an hour. This is not default behavior; by default it will keep trying for five days. Show your postfix configuration.
comment simulate slow hdd in kvm
Disk I/O limits have been in for a while, but not quite that long. Why are you using Ubuntu? and an older version at that.
comment How to respawn a script in RHEL/Centos6 when /etc/inittab has been deprecated?
@Shashank systemd will handle this in RHEL 7, but you didn't say you were using that.
comment lvm disk corrupt after force power down
Then you send your disk to a professional data recovery company, and hope that they will get something back. Also you should make sure your CV is up to date.
comment Disabled SSLv3 on Apache, but still using it to send to other websites?
Looks like TLS 1.2 to me.
comment Cookieless folders with NGINX
You can't do that with cookies. Use www for your blog and put static resources under another hostname, e.g. with W3 Total Cache.
comment Caveats of installing development tools on production server
tmux is a development tool? Anyway, it's in EPEL, go get it.