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comment How to use vhost-scsi with Intel P3700 NVME SSD in KVM
comment What IP to use for self-testing?
Was this meant to be an answer to the question? It looks like Java code. Are you on the right site? We generally don't write Java code..
comment What IP to use for self-testing?
How about the computer's own name?
comment Error: Package: libmodule- (installed)
Are you getting updates from Satellite? It could be a problem there.
comment Ansible Wants Vault Password for Unnecessary File
Ansible isn't very smart about this. If you specify --ask-vault-pass then it will always ask for the vault password, even if it's not needed. And if you don't specify it, then it will die ungracefully if you have any encrypted files, even if they aren't needed.
comment Centos 7/1503 — Getting Error setting up base repository during installation
Do you actually have a good copy of the ISO?
comment why is partial content not being served in nginx (mp4)?
It sounds like your problem is with how the MP4 is encoded. If it is not fully seekable, then there's nothing the nginx module can do for you. You might seek help (no pun intended) with correctly encoding your MP4 on our sister site, Video Production.
comment 100% CPU, load average 0 - how is this possible?
How many CPUs do you have?
comment Centos 7/1503 — Getting Error setting up base repository during installation
Reboot and choose "Test this media..."
comment How to find out the virtualization type of an linux VPS?
I looked at facter. It calls virt-what!
comment Couldn't Generate the Client Library for the Endpoints API
I think you're looking for Stack Overflow.
comment postfix Client host rejected: Access denied; NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT
That means Postfix hasn't been configured to receive mail for any domain. If you think it should have been, then seek help from Parallels.
comment Cant install Windows updates KB3023224 and KB3035490
"Check for updates" again.
comment Fresh nginx installation: Starting nginx: nginx: [emerg] setsockopt(SO_REUSEPORT) failed, ignored (92: Protocol not available)
You're trying to use socket sharding but this is not compatible with CentOS 6. You need to use CentOS 7, as this feature was introduced in kernel 3.9. (And get rid of centmin mod, as this is not something you would catch a professional dead using.)
comment NFS Server | Hung threads
Don't assume that NFS is using TCP unless you explicitly configured it to do so.
comment How to configure nginx to add a query parameter only when the requested uri is / and the specific query parameter doesn't already exist?
What does "doesn't work as expected" mean? What did it do?
comment Enabling SSH multiplexing for a series of commands, then closing it
That should be fine, I think.
comment repository for python3-devel on CentOS 7?
CentOS 7 did not ship with Python 3 in the repositories. What are you trying to accomplish?
comment Is a web server actually REQUIRED in order to make html content available to the internet?
Is the JRE required to run a Java application?
comment Best options for zero-downtime nameserver change if registrar disables URL redirecting? ?