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Cleaner [klee-ner] adj
1. characteristic valued by a programmer's personal preference for something that cannot otherwise be justified using accepted Software Engineering principles: This approach increases cyclomatic complexity and reduces encapsulation. It's cleaner, do it.

(Dear haters,
No, I don't think I'm smarter than Robert C. Martin. I think that people who write the kind of code Mr Martin preaches don't need to resort to using "cleaner" as a bludgeon. They can explain naturally and fluidly how a particular solution follows the practices, patterns and principles that make for 'clean code.')

comment CUPS-LPD print server scalability
Thanks! We have clients that are are built to basically send hand-spun LPR messages directly to the printer, but some of the printer models do not appreciate concurrent sockets, so the hope was clients could be pointed at CUPS instead and acquire some ability to get things queued properly without having to change the clients. cups-lpd was what I found in the documentation for setting it up to accept arbitrary raw messages from TCP/IP clients.