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If there’s PUT, there’s GET.

If there’s ADD, there’s DELETE.

If I put a string in, I get a string out.
(Equals 'Only get a string if one was put in.')

If I can generate a time string, I can parse a time string.

If there’s an INSTALL, there’s an UNINSTALL.

syntax cheatsheet

emphasis strong emphasis both strikethrough keyboard input
code fragment

 code block

Quote block

is written as:

*emphasis*  **strong emphasis** ***both*** 
<s>strikethrough</s> <kbd>keyboard input</kbd>  
`code fragment`

    code block

> Quote block

comment How to write ISO image to usb memory stick from linux command-line?
Only important step is to write of / outputfile to device, not a partition. I.e. of=/dev/sdb and NOT of=/dev/sdb1. (Just wanted to comment on this problem, nothing is wrong with your post :o))
comment How to Unban an IP properly with Fail2Ban
iptables -D fail2ban-ssh <number> is what you should stick with. It works everytime, whereas different versions of the fail2ban client have a different set of working commands.
comment Adaptec 5805 RAID 1: need more space
Thou shalt not accept the wring answer.:)
comment Speed Calculator for Raid sets
This is one damn fine piece of an answer.
comment Partitioning recommendations for a Proxmox VM Server (OpenVZ)
comment in the accepted answer should be the accepted answer.
comment Using proftpd how do I disable regular ftp but leave sftp running
Actually you can have FTP and SFTP provided both by ProFTPd, depending on the configuration.
comment Something is burning in the server room; how can I quickly identify what it is?
@KeithS: This was a very needed response. +1
comment cygWin connect by SSH using RSA key; ssh.exe couldn't create /home/user/.ssh
@Kirzilla Accept Kevin M's answer! along with my comment it finally provided a working solution, which was nowhere else to be found. :<
comment cygWin connect by SSH using RSA key; ssh.exe couldn't create /home/user/.ssh
The creation of the symbolic link via ln -s ... in /home, with the link being named like your personal user folder does indeed help!!! Afterwards the right folder can be found. After fixing the folder rights (recursively adding root group to .ssh folder.) I was good to go. THANK YOU! Sadly I can just upvote this once...