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Senior developer currently working on big things at LinkedIn.

I've recently worked on improving the deployment, availability and performance of online retail, event ticketing and gaming companies.

comment Performance of SQL Server on Amazon EC2?
It also depends on the instance type, the smaller instances are allocated lower bandwidth I/O channels.
comment How does WIndows Scheduled Task detect that the scheduled application has not started?
I'm not sure exactly which method the Windows team used, but they probably check the process list for a process using the same executable. What is the exact problem you're trying to solve?
comment Does going from Windows Server 2008 R2 Release Candidate to RTM require full re-install?
@Breadtruck: Essentially, yes, but its via the full setup process. From what I've seen with previous RC builds 99% of the system will be the same, just updated build numbers, finalized text strings, etc. Occasionally there are security bug fixes that were important enough for the RTM too.
comment How to turn on SMTP relaying? Getting error: “SMTP Error: The following recipients failed [address]”
Since you mentioned cPanel I assume this is a SMTP server running on a hosting provider. If so, which one?
comment Dll's in System32 versus System Path
And @chickeninabiscuit is right too :-)
comment Exclusive of cost, what is the ideal monitor set up for a team of programmers?
+1. I'm currently developing with 2x 30" (Samsung 305T+, 2560x1600 native), just about convinced myself to get a third :-) They throw off a bit of heat, only noticeable if too close.