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I am a passionate programmer, that's even more passionate about teaching. By answering questions on Stack Overflow I learn too! You see, when you teach something, that's when you really learn it.

That's why I started Learn C#. Over time I hope to have enough content up there for people to learn C# at their own pace, regardless of their current level!

Open Source Projects

DapperPoco Find it on GitHub Find it on GitHub Find it on NuGet Find it on NuGet

DapperPoco is a reflection driven SQL generator that wraps the popular Dapper ORM framework. With DapperPoco you just create your POCO objects, decorate them, and use them; no writing SQL statements unless absolutely necessary.

Email: mperren@gmail.com

comment IIS not displaying detailed PHP errors - shows server fault 500 instead
I have error_reporting, log_errors, and error_log all configured this way, but it's still not logging errors for the Joomla site. This site was copied down from an Apache server. I imported the .htaccess rules into IIS 7.5; but alas, it's still failing. Do you by chance have any idea what else I might need to look into?
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asked Get rid of multiple MySql installs on my iMac?
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comment Word Document Turns to Read-Only
Yes, and one thing to note is that in Office 2010 you need to go to File => Options => Advanced => "Save" Grouping => Uncheck "Allow background saves"
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