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I am a passionate programmer, that's even more passionate about teaching. By answering questions on Stack Overflow I learn too! You see, when you teach something, that's when you really learn it.

Paired Programming

Paired programming can be an invaluable resource because there are times electronic communication just isn't working. If you feel you need some one-on-one assistance then check out my website and let's work together to get your problems solved.

Open Source Projects

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DapperPoco is a reflection driven SQL generator that wraps the popular Dapper ORM framework. With DapperPoco you just create your POCO objects, decorate them, and use them; no writing SQL statements unless absolutely necessary.

comment IIS not displaying detailed PHP errors - shows server fault 500 instead
I have error_reporting, log_errors, and error_log all configured this way, but it's still not logging errors for the Joomla site. This site was copied down from an Apache server. I imported the .htaccess rules into IIS 7.5; but alas, it's still failing. Do you by chance have any idea what else I might need to look into?
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comment Word Document Turns to Read-Only
Yes, and one thing to note is that in Office 2010 you need to go to File => Options => Advanced => "Save" Grouping => Uncheck "Allow background saves"
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