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Software generalist and aspiring writer with an unhealthy addiction to technology, lego, programmable toys, scripting languages, open source, and problem solving.

I work for MongoDB, Inc.

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comment How to check if mongodb metadata's integrity?
The balancer will not run without all config servers available, so the sharded cluster metadata is implicitly read-only if one or more servers are unavailable. The error message is expected: you can stop of your remaining config servers, do the file copy, and then start up the config servers to resume normal operation. If you were doing planned maintenance you could stop the balancer before taking down a config server, which would try to complete any migration in progress before stopping the balancer.
comment Setting up MongoDB in High Performance Computing LSF linux cluster
Is is possible you have a firewall blocking connections from localhost to localhost? It appears as though you have the server running; you could also do ps | grep mongod to confirm mongod is running before running the mongo command.
comment Setting up MongoDB in High Performance Computing LSF linux cluster
Based on that output, it looks like mongod has started and is waiting for connections on the default port (27017). Have you tried opening another terminal window and running mongo to connect to the server? Also .. you should have a look at the NUMA information, as this can cause serious performance issues.