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comment Edit edit /etc/mongo.conf and uncomment “auth=true”
Assuming a recent version of MongoDB installed via the official packages, the path to the config file should actually be /etc/mongod.conf (not /etc/mongo.conf. What version of MongoDB are you running? Is this a standalone server or part of a replica set? Note that authentication is enabled at the instance level, so disabling for localhost is also disabling auth for remote users. As at MongoDB 3.0, auth is disabled by default so if you haven't enabled it there should be no extra config required.
comment Edit edit /etc/mongo.conf and uncomment “auth=true”
What O/S are you using, and how are you starting/stopping MongoDB?
comment Enabling WiredTiger engine in MongoDB 3
What is your version of MongoDB as reported by: mongod --version?
comment Failed to authenticate with mechanism MONGODB-CR AuthenticationFailed MONGODB-CR credentials missing in the user document
This is a known issue. Robomongo 0.8.x is not fully compatible with MongoDB 3.0 and does not support the new default SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication: You may want to look for an alternative admin GUI: see, "GUI" purpose category.
comment mongod: symbol lookup error: mongod: undefined symbol: _ZN5boost6detail13once_epoch_cvE
mongod --version should return a version number and git hash. If you installed a packaged version I think you shouldn't have to worry about libboost versions because should be part of the package deps. For supported Debian package see: Install MongoDB on Debian.
comment Recovering data from MongoDB raw files
You can't mix & match database files from different instances of MongoDB; doing so will almost certainly guarantee instability and potential data loss. What state are your data files in now? Were you able to recover from this issue?
comment How to check mongodb metadata's integrity?
The balancer will not run without all config servers available, so the sharded cluster metadata is implicitly read-only if one or more servers are unavailable. The error message is expected: you can stop of your remaining config servers, do the file copy, and then start up the config servers to resume normal operation. If you were doing planned maintenance you could stop the balancer before taking down a config server, which would try to complete any migration in progress before stopping the balancer.