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A) I love programming computers.

B) I generally do not like Stack Overflow (too many copy-pasters, weenies, and rep whores).

C) I love watching the sun set. The one in my profile was taken in San Antoni, Ibiza, from a chair at the Cafe Del Mar. That was killer.

comment Is this server using too much RAM or virtual memory ? (screen attached)
I just wanted to add here that NO VPS PROVIDER should be asking you to reduce the amount of resources you are using. That is BS. This means they are advertising (and allocating) a certain set of resources per VPS, but then actually enforcing a completely different set of resources. That is false advertising, and it's unfortunately common in the generally awful VPS hosting industry. If you ever hear your hosting provider say this, get rid of them IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately this provider is yet another awful, slimeball VPS provider in an industry flush with awful, slimeball VPS providers.