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comment Networking setup with Cisco ASA 5505
so this ASA is behind a Cisco WAG320N router, and the WAG320N is connected to the Internet? Maybe the next hop needs to be the Cisco WAG320N interface then? Would the ASA be assigned a public IP if it is the WAG320N that is connected to the Internet?
comment Capturing network traffic (rtmp) between VMs or using loopback in the same VM using wireshark
Based on this wiki entry you can look for activity in wireshark in regards to TCP port 1935, for RTMP, otherwise RTMPT appears to be encapsulated in HTTP requests 80, 443 en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Time_Messaging_Protocol
comment vmware: how to virtualize nt server 4.0?
touche, how about VMware Player instead, either way once he has the ISO of PC created with Clonezilla he can load it in any software capable of handling/creating VMs.