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comment EC2 hostname ubuntu and ejabberd
Mainly I worry if I change the hostname is like going to affect the internal traffic between EC2 instances. That is, if I change the hostname of ip-xxxx to ubuntu on my machine, when another machine ec2 wants to address, this entry does not exist in the dns of AWS and therefore not communicate. Or in the DNS entry is related to the instance name and this name is the one to ask the other instance ec2? Note: -> The question arises from the cluster configuration of different machines for ejabberd (XMPP server)
comment Amazon EC2 with XMPP infrastructure
That's right, no PTR records are needed to query the DNS in EC2 xmpp machine. thanks
comment Amazon EC2 with XMPP infrastructure
Thanks mgorven! Your response has been very useful. Will review the issue of the PTR, in internal testing that I had done if necessary. On the issue of DNS .. Does the instance to launch EC2 server always has the same name but the boot off and after? How will I put in an external DNS A record with a private ip? Thank you!