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I am a really complicated person. I do not like what I don't, and I like what I do. I seek the truth, and I decide by logic. My personalities are somewhat awkward to the usual person, but I do find myself similar to some. I do not fully understand myself, but I can easily understand others. I tend not to interact much with society, but I really worry towards the events occurring in the world I live in. I do not believe in religion, but I do believe in Jesus Christ, as my God and personal Saviour. I am free in my thought, I cannot be easily persuaded, but I can be influenced. I try to seek what I really need, but I often find myself diverting to what my real goal is.

You cannot find me. I cannot be felt. I cannot be smelled. I cannot be seen.

I can only be perceived by the thought.

I am not evil. I am not bad. I am not good. I am not divine.

I am, only, myself.

Keeping a low profile.

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